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Are you new to exports?

Are you trying to expand into a new overseas market?

Are you looking to increase your international sales and stay on top of the competition?

We are here to help you with cost-effective solutions – solutions that will increase your revenue and accelerate business growth in strategic export markets.

Market Analysis

Not sure which overseas markets are optimal for your product? We’ll evaluate the economic environment and provide recommendations for highest potential country targets for your products.
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Global Distribution Optimization

Expand your international sales channels - we will identify potential overseas business partners, agents, distributors and dealers in specific markets.
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International Marketing & PR

Accelerate your brand awareness and market exposure in countries around the world by deploying our highly targeted marketing, advertising and media tactics.
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Trade Show Services

Target and engage your intended foreign buyers at key international trade shows. Maximize your ROI by launching our custom designed strategic pre-show marketing campaign and employing lead generation tools.
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Advancing Your International Growth

Whether you are looking for a short-term assistance or long-term representation, we are your one stop shop for your international expansion needs.


About Our Company

Are you ready to tap into new opportunities overseas? We provide personalized counseling and customized services to develop, improve and implement your international business strategy. We have worked in many industry segments but our core sectors include construction, mining and agriculture machinery manufacturing. We have conducted market research, marketing and trade show projects around the world, including North and South America, Western and Central & Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, China and South-East Asia.

Our Awesome Skills

Global Contacts & Strategic Partnerships - 100%
Actionable Marketing Strategy - 95%
International Business Development - 100%
Global Team Building - 80%
Event & Project Management - 90%
Vast Data Sources - 95%

Our Office

DBF International Inc

Contact Details

Are you looking to increase your international sales? Please contact us via our contact form or call: +1-414-801-5041 for cost-effective solutions to increase your revenue and accelerate growth in strategic export markets.

One-Stop-Shop for Your Global Expansion Needs

We can manage your international growth, from initial dealer searches to full market entry strategies and export sales.


Why Choose Us?

  • Easy to work with!
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Project management skills
  • Broad scope of marketing research
  • Marketing plans with solid plan of action
  • International relations and contacts
  • Solid international trade show background

Top Three Reasons to Work with Us

  • Strategic planning
  • Target market analysis
  • Market entry tools
  •  Multi-channel marketing communications
  •  Localized advertising campaigns
  • Public speaking
  •  International sales
  •  Leads management
  • Promo events & trade show planning
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